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August 2, 2013 at 11:30 PMCoombeMill

Missing family members

We had 2 away on Scout camp this week which has made things feel strange in the house. It didn't stop us from getting out for some family fun though. I had to prize away Farmer Nick's number one helper to take advantage of the surf for an afternoon.


 Farm worker poached for the beach

Had I made a mistake?

Travelling to the beach turned into one of those journeys where I began to wish I hadn't bothered. Guy had found a huge beach ball and the triplets were excited to try their hand at beach volleyball. Sitting in the back Guy had challenged Jed and Clio that his ball was indestructible and that no one could pop it.  We you can guess what's coming, Jed gave it a forceful poke on a seam and the giant ball sank to the sound of tears and accusations from Guy and Clio. To make matters worse arriving at the beach the surf was more messed up than the forecast suggested so Ally was moaning too sitting on the rocks in a sulk. 


 Ally on the rocks in a strop at Polzeath beach

Looking up

I decided to rescue the situation by giving the triplets £5 to go and find a new ball at the beach shops. They dashed off in a flurry of excitement.

 Off to buy a beach ball

Meanwhile Ally, who can never sulk for long, decided to make the best of it and hit the waves. I didn't see him again until it was time to go and he admitted he had a great time even if the waves were not at their best. 

The beach was busy with the school holidays well underway but at low tide there is still plenty of space for all. In the sea the lifeguards are there to watch over everyone and the surf schools are making the most of the summer business.


Beach Safety with Lifeguards at Polzeath

The waves were ideal for the triplets to body board, swim and play and I really noticed how the sea has warmed up after the past few weeks of decent summer temperatures. 


Water Babes in the sea at Polzeath Beach


With jellyfish out in force and the triplets spent some time making swimming pools for them from natural puddles, then began linking up their pools and picking them up to make quite a jellyfish home. The blue ones are harmless but quite beautiful. The clear ones on the other hand need standing clear of as some can give a nasty nip.  Claire Evans's children found their local beach full of Jellyfish too. 


 Jellyfish on the beach

Then of course the volleyball match they had planned. It was £3.99 well spent for the hours of fun and change of mood.


Beach Ball Volleyball


Joining in with Country Kids

How have you been making the most of the summer? Please do grab the badge and come and share your adventures. Leaving television, computers and any other screen play inside for some old fashioned outdoor fun is good for mind and body. Please come and share your post and don't forget to check out what others have been up to as well, there are always some great ideas.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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